Eva Crawford


Eva Crawford


I am originally from and currently live in Charlotte, NC. I earned my BFA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in painting and printmaking.
I have worked as a furniture designer, freelance artist and Director of Visual Arts at Charlotte Christian School. Since stepping out as a full time artist last year I am an ArtPop Street Gallery Class of 2018 winner, a 2 time Honorable Mention winner in the Oakton Foundation Visual Arts Competition, and have received a Creative Mornings HUG Grant for my
"S E E N" Series.

All styles of art media inspire me, with my strengths being drawing, painting and collage. I have been a freelance artist for over thirty years with portraiture showcasing my ability to capture personalities through realism and expressionism. Practicing what I preached to my high school students, I am developing my own voice and creating art with a purpose.

“Eye on the Sparrow” on www.evacrawfordart.com is my 2018 winning piece for www.ArtPopStreetGallery.com.
This painting came into being as we experienced difficulty with one of our adult children and has led to The “Eye on the Sparrow” bird series, which deals with confronting the unknown of each day. I can choose to lose myself in worry or I can choose to rest in knowing that I can't control everything. I know in my uncertain circumstances that there is One who sees my struggles and loves me in the midst of them.
The application and results of the unpredictable running paint in this series are like opening a present on Christmas day. Blending that thrill with my love for realism, as seen in the birds, is the focus of this series.

Continuing in the theme of God’s eyes on us, “S E E N” is my current series of paintings that showcase the vulnerable or overlooked souls due to mental illness, disability or skin color. There are many issues that cause someone to feel less than, and my desire is to spotlight the beauty and value of these precious ones. I hope this series is a catalyst for conversations and awareness of the isolation and loneliness caused by mental illness, physical disabilities and ethnicity.

In the creating & marketing of my art, it is my desire that God be glorified & honored.
- Colossians 3:17

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