Isara Galvez


We are the Galvez Sisters: Isuly and Isara, Isuly is 16 years old and I am 19. We love Yeshua and God, we love arts and spending time together, and people usually ask us if we are twins despite the age difference. As children, we found a way to worship God, and it was through dance; we love to use our instruments like tambourines, streamers, flags, our bodies, and more to show our admiration and devotion to the Lord. We started dancing about ten years ago, then we took Hebrew dance classes. Years later we entered and graduated from the Kairos Dance Academy where we learned dance technically and spiritually. We have our church dance group, called "Shalom" where more girls dance together to our God, and we are also part of Kairos Mexicali Ministries. We have learned that being a worshipper is not just when we are dancing but is a lifestyle where we have to honor God in everything we do.

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