Jun Cruz


Jun Cruz


Jun Gueco Cruz, was born in Angeles City, Philippines. Cruz is a visual artist who seeks to portray “the science of life” through massive depictions of cellular processes and human anatomy. He is influenced by his indigenous Kapampangan identity, and Cruz seeks to express this through his art as he implements the cultural ideals of “planting seeds” and “bringing life out of the soil.” This focus is perhaps best exemplified in his first solo exhibit in 1997, Tanatanaman, which paid “homage to the act of planting correlating with the physiology of life.” Ultimately, he seeks to show the spirituality of humanity as it displays itself in scientific realities. 
Cruz’s work has been in venues like the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Cultural Center of the Philippines,GSIS Museum and Florence Biennale.He has earned several prestigious awards, including most recently the International Prize Michelangelo-Brancaccio Palace-Rome in July 2019. He is also part of the Pampanga Arts Guild,Christians In the Visual Arts (CIVA) and Circle Foundation for the Arts.

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For more information please email junbap29@yahoo.com or call 2673176870.


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CIVA,Circle Foundation for the Arts,Pampanga Arts Guild

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