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Jun Gueco Cruz, was born in Angeles City, Philippines. Cruz is a visual artist who seeks to portray “the science of life” through massive depictions of cellular processes and human anatomy. He is influenced by his indigenous Kapampangan identity, and Cruz seeks to express this through his art as he implements the cultural ideals of “planting seeds” and “bringing life out of the soil.” This focus is perhaps best exemplified in his first solo exhibit in 1997, Tanatanaman, which paid “homage to the act of planting correlating with the physiology of life.” Ultimately, he seeks to show the spirituality of humanity as it displays itself in scientific realities.  Cruz’s work has been in venues like the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Cultural Center of the Philippines,GSIS Museum and Florence Biennale.He has earned several prestigious awards, including most recently the International Prize Michelangelo-Brancaccio Palace-Rome in July 2019. He is also part of the Pampanga Arts Guild,Christians In the Visual Arts (CIVA) and Circle Foundation for the Arts.


Elioenai (Toward God are Mine Eyes)


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The art piece is entitled after the artist’s 4 year old daughter,named Elioenai which means “Toward God are Mine Eyes”.

In describing his artistic process, Cruz articulates that faith is the driving force behind his art and remains the central focus in all his works. He begins his artistic process with his devotion, then he meditates on a specific verse. Next, Cruz does not sketch anything out, rather, it all “just comes out naturally. In this piece, he uses art as a way to bond with his daughter. He spends time with her by allowing her to lay the groundwork for some of his pieces. Ellie laid the first layer, and Cruz worked based on her outline. 

Elioenai depicts life processes on the cellular level, which, for me, “evoke in me a constant reminder of personal journeys.” Viewing these unseen processes artistically reveals the transformative nature of ordinary biology. “I see my own experience in things like an EKG tracing the electrical activity of the human heart,” Cruz explains. “Through these [biomorphic] forms, I am able to convey my journey of transformation by accepting Christ Jesus and the hope that comes with it.“In viewing my art, one peers at things that usually go unseen.”

The Lord leads a believer to a journey a process of transformation to grow our faith in Him through trials,even spiritual battles that causes suffering and painful events in our existence.Praise God he gave us hope according to his promises we could be able to overcome and find refuge in Him for he equip us with power, strength, wisdom , reassurance and sustain us through it all, and even restores us when we fall.

In this difficult times that we are experiencing now, some loss their jobs, others lost their loved ones ---In the midst of a global pandemic, where grief, despair, and uncertainty are plaguing the world, keeping our eyes focus towards Jesus is what we need during these challenging times.

We all have ups and downs in our life. Times when we FEEL like we are living in the clouds and others when we feel like it's a constant fight. We all go through SUFFERING in our life and how we respond is vital to our Christian walk. God allows suffering to show us what he wants to ACCOMPLISH in us during the TOUGH times of our lives. Endurance is what you and I need to take us through life’s greatest battles and struggles.We have to hold on and remember that within our seasons of suffering are hidden opportunities for greatness and to grow our faith in him.

God provided everything we need to overcome the tests and trials of life through our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We learn that as we focus on God's goodness, wisdom, and power in our times of pain we will experience complete victory.

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Bible verses inspiration of the Artwork
Ephesians 6:10-20, I Corinthians 10:13, Isaiah 40:31, James 1:12, Romans 5:3-4, Psalm 121, I Peter 4:13

Also please see visual art description


Elioenai Cruz ( 4 yr old daughter ) laid the first layer, then The Artist worked based on her outline.

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