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Jun Gueco Cruz was born in Angeles City, Philippines and is currently based in Philadelphia, PA. Cruz is a visual artist who seeks to portray the science of life through massive depictions of cellular processes and human anatomy. Cruz merges his spiritual walk with medical science into biomorphic forms of expression in his art.⁣ He is influenced by his indigenous Kapampangan identity and seeks to express this through his art as he implements the cultural ideals of "planting seeds" and "bringing life out of the soil." This focus is perhaps best exemplified in his first solo exhibit in 1997, Tanatanaman, which paid homage to the act of planting correlating with the physiology of life.The shooting spiky structures that characterized his works now also represent germinating seeds calling it biomorphic which literally means ‘life transformation.His 2017 Imperishable Seed series clearly reflect this.Ultimately, he seeks to show the spirituality of humanity as it displays itself in scientific realities.⁣ Cruz’s work has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, GSIS Museum, Florence Biennale, Italy and Artbox Project,New York.His latest solo exhibition, Elioenai (Toward God are Mine Eyes) - Speaks about his personal journey inspired by his own experience seeing things like an EKG tracing the electrical activity of the human heart beating all day, every day. A process that usually go unseen.Through crafting art that represents biomorphic forms, he intended to convey his message as we fix our eyes on Him and keeping our focus on God’s perfect will and purpose. He has earned several national and international prestigious awards, including the Michelangelo International Prize in Rome in July 2019 and most recently, the CFA Award of Excellence at Spectrum Brooklyn with World Wide Art 2021 and GOLD LIST Award,Top Contemporary Artists of Today(Art Market International Art Magazine) 2021. He is also part of the Pampanga Arts Guild, Christians In the Visual Arts(CIVA), and Circle Foundation for the Arts.


Sower’s Seed


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My creative journey is a process, whatever I do now is a result from my past experiences in making art, which includes difficult challenges and even storms in life.However, bitter it may feel, storms creates capacity in us to handle bigger giants and be equipped in battles as these can be necessary steps towards a focus or purpose for which God our firm foundation has created us for.

This piece represent germinating seeds, calling it biomorphic which literally means “Life Transformation”a process by the saving grace of God in Christ Jesus.This is accomplished by the renewing of our minds, an inward spiritual transformation that will manifest itself in outward actions.Jesus explained the Word of God is the soil.In Mark 4:20 He said, not only do they grow strong and healthy when they are planted in good soil, but they “grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.
In Christ,we can build a firm foundation (planted in good soil), we can withstand whatever comes our way.A strong foundation is trusting the Lord and know God”s promises are sure, we also need to abide in His Word,where we see His power,His promise,His provision and His presence.We need to believe it, live it, trust it, apply it, and pray according to God”s word.And last, we need to have faith in Jesus and in God”s word.
Standing firm in faith and to have a sure foundation, we must invest our time studying the scriptures, praying and seeking God”s presence.We need to examine and inspect our foundation and allow the Holy Spirit complete access in our heart and soul and remain vigilant and seek to do His will in our lives.The depth of our faith determines how much of a difference we can make in the lives of those around us.Having a sure foundation in Christ ,and a life built on Christ,is rewarded by eternal life with Christ for all eternity.
In our war with Satan,our human weaknesses, his society we need spiritual help.By God’s grace,He provides the powerful armor of God to protect us and give us victory as described in Ephesians 6:14-17.The bible tells us we are in a war, and our adversary,Satan,is bent on destroying us,even our testimony.When trials and adversity comes, we are forced to face problems and pressures that are too big for us to resolve.In this way,God gets our attention.Ask God for wisdom, obey His Word,and trust Him to bring the help we need.Troubles point out our weaknesses and prompt us to rely on God and motivates us to cry out to God. This piece also speaks about spiritual growth, our faith grows through trials, battles and adversities in life, the more we allow God to work in our lives, the more we overcome.
We need to have the patience and faith in sowing to the spirit as the farmer has in sowing to the earth.”Behold the farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it, until it gets the early and late rains.(James 5:7-8)
In the same way,”Let us not lose heart in well doing for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary”.(Galatians 6:9).

How it fits into contest

Sower’s Seed speaks about a firm foundation in Christ alone.A believer’s seed planted in a good soil.As God’s children in order for us to grow our faith,we are to face trials and battles in life,without Christ in us it is not possible to overcome.
As described in Ephesians 6:10-17 ,we are to equip ourselves with the full armor of God.Our adversary,Satan is bent on destroying us as long as we live in this world.
God,by His grace expects us to endure,living a life that is in accordance to His will reflects a powerful testimony of planting seeds in good soil that will attract humanity to Christ.



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