Lisa Sullivan


Lisa Sullivan


I am Lisa. I am a highly sensitive person. I feel things intensely. When it feels as though the world is going up in flames, on multiple levels, I go for a walk in nature to quiet my busy mind. I cross paths with heart rocks that remind me that love is all around if we able to remain present and aware. This was my first wood spirit. I believe that given the right environment all things can transform. This wood spirit expresses that we can "rise up out of the ashes" if we just continue to hold on to love as the destruction attempts to take hold around us.
I have been teaching myself to carve cedar for 6 years now. I took up carving after I lost someone very close to me to illness. Carving is where I express my intense feelings in a healthy and productive way. My hope is that all who are hurting are connected with some form of art. Carving has taught me many things and is credited for healing the hurts in my heart whether they are personal or global.

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By phone or text
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Cedar Phoenix

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