Lulú Sánchez Puig


Intuition is the ability we have as human beings to understand clearly and instantly without the use of reason. Kolëctiv.feat, created since 2016 by Lulú S. Puig and formes by inmate artists in the North Men's Prison and Penitentiary, both in Mexico city, as well as artists who have achieved freedom, aims to provoke intuition through art seeking a double objective, the epic, expressionist, symbolic and collective creation of art with the power to generate reflection on freedom, empathy and limiting beliefs; and on the other, to serve as a catalyst to promote transformation processes in artists deprived of liberty and liberated. Kolëctiv.feat seeks, therefore, to provoke the intuition of the artists who participate, as well as those who visit the workshops, give the workshops, attend the exhibitions, buy the art works, and promote our work. The project incorporates more than 1,100 hours of Artistic Expression Workshop taught by Lulú Sánchez Puig in the North Male Prison, the realization of more than 90 works of plastic intervention works, photographic sessions within the same prison, 2 symphonic concerts, human intervention from tattoos (Human Hack Series), theatrical interpretation of texts, intervened videos, more than 8 individual exhibitions and printed catalogs. The participating artists paint an average of 45 hrs. a week within the Art Workshop inside the prison, also having an important discipline and passion regarding painting. None of the members of Kolëctiv.feat can be involved or be a drug user and all of them must be studying within the same institution. To date, the workshop has become an incubator for artists that seeks to offer a professional alternative to people who are deprived of liberty and who have the capacity, discipline and quality to become artists, with an interesting and interesting body of work. an outstanding resume to help them break through, once released, in the art world. Human experience is bigger than our logic and therefore reality as we understand it today must be intervened.

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