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Kizzi-Marrie Alexander, better known as 𝗭𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗜, is a Recording Artiste, Songwriter, Dancer & Performer from Trinidad & Tobago. She is a storyteller demonstrated throughout her expressions ranging from Mentoring, Spoken Word/Poetry & Choreography. Transitioning into the music industry, her mission applies scriptural concepts & ideals that empowers individuals with solutions for their daily lives. Her influence & music connects to a variety of audiences with a focus on engaging today's youth.




Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

Revelation 12:11
And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony and the loved not their lives unto the death. Overcome was birthed out of devoted obedience to the voice of the Heavenly Father. As one of the younger gospel artiste in the Caribbean, choosing the part of ministry over monetary success is not a road that is often celebrated by family and those that are closest to you. Often times the call of the Lord was challenged by those who thought they had my best interest at heart and it resulted in many nights filled with tears despair and an understanding of how far down a dark path depression can lead. The enemy was very intentional in his constant attacks that made the call to ministry sometimes feel like a burden more than a gift. When the thoughts of suicide found a place in my mind, I realized that I had hit rock bottom. It was in this moment my compassion and understanding grew for persons who may have sought suicide as a viable way to ease the unbearable pains of life. It was the light of God's love that was always constant that reached me in my darkest moments and began to guide me back to His loving embrace. A new level of love, trust and appreciation for who God is unlocked, and my trust was complete as He bestowed healing and peace. Because of the spiritual warfare I experienced, ‘Overcome’ became my mantra and my authentication. I offer this song as a loving testimony of how my life was made whole by the blood of the Lamb. God’s example in His word showed me how to be victorious and as such, Overcome is sent forth as an encouragement to those who may feel desolation, negatively pressured, outcast and hopelessness. Life allows salvation to always be possible and in the creation of this artwork, I had the opportunity to feature a nonprofit organization that rescues persons from a cycle of abuse. Hopeful Handbags mission accurately lines up with the message of this song as they specialize in empowering persons to overcome by learning new life skills such as self defense and improved mental health through counseling and other forms of transitional care. It was important to feature practical opportunities for persons to know there are people who are ready to help but most importantly, God is ready to save and deliver us from all evil. The message of hope, love and our victorious reality is an important message that should be continuously shared throughout the world. And we know that our hope comes directly from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How it fits into contest

To overcome: To conquer, defeat, triumph over, prevail over and rise above.
As servants in the Lord’s Army, we must fully understand that none of our triumphant conquest over the enemy comes from our limited efforts as humans. Our complete annihilation of the enemy’s plans and defenses is solely dependent on the high level expert advantage of being in the Lord’s armed forces. The strength of the Lord and the power of His might Ephesians 6:10 are the armaments we have in our arsenal to bring permanent defeat against Satan and his agents. Christ’s bloody sacrifice ensured our permanent overcome status and His resurrection is the evidence throughout the generations that hope was eternally established for the entire world.
In Ephesians 6:12, we are reminded that this battle and warfare is by no means carnal. Sometimes, physical manifestations of trial and troubles in our lives can blindside us to the real spiritual assault from the enemy’s base. Our military tactic must include intelligence gathering (reading of the word), deployment of foot soldiers (praise and worship) and the launching of airstrikes (the guidance of the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit) to fully enjoy the spoils of a victorious war (overcoming the battle of the mind). Continuous trampling of the enemy under our feet must be maintained through the lifting of our hands in praise, worship and thanksgiving daily. The goal is to grow in rank and posture though our faith in Jesus Christ so we will learn to activate superior spiritual weaponry to bring permanent destruction to the powers and rulers of the darkness of this world.
Our General and Commander in Chief Jesus Christ, has already equipped us with the highly developed skill set and training to overcome in the physical and spiritual realms. It is up to us to remember that hope is never lost but renewed daily to strengthen us to continue the good fight of faith and experience the true joy of being an ‘overcomer’ from this life into eternity.


Directed by: April George & James Saunders
Produced by: James Saunders
POSE Dancers : Dance Mafia
Zmari Dancers: Marcia Parieaho & Meagan Hernandez
Sponsors : Hopeful Handbags Charity Trinidad & Tobago

Music / Sound Sources

Artiste: 𝗭𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗜
Written by : Kizzi-Marrie Alexander
BGV's : Reuel Lynch & Kizzi-Marrie Alexander
Producer : Deer Panteth Production
Mixed & Mastered : Arnold "Bodyroc" Grant

Transcript / Lyrics


The enemy trying to steal, ready to destroy
God's army line up, the battle is the lord
Looking down, planting seeds in every soil
Knowing that eventually, His name all souls shall call

Break down every post not built upon the throne
Jesus Christ is lord, said don't sing it in a song
Trouble me, nah (no) not me.
Hope is not lost, panda (partner/ fake friend) me? I said not me.
Lamp with burning oil.

We have Overcome, by the blood of the lamb
We have Overcome, and a testimony
We have Overcome, doh (do not) play mad.
We have Overcome

By the blood, them cyah (can’t) touch we
By the blood, ever blessed yeah
By the blood, we overcome yeah, yeah

Lining up, old & young, my kinda (kind of) party
Bragging up yeah, He who set us free
Loosed our ropes, Christ gave us liberty
Wondering, how can they know who is he.

My hope, He is the lamb upon the throne
Jesus Christ is lord, said don't sing it in a song
Trouble me, nah (no) not me, hope is not lost
Padna (partner/ fake friend) me, I said not me, Christ is my reward.

We have Overcome, by the blood of the lamb
We have Overcome, & a testimony
We have Overcome, doh play mad. (Do not speak lies)
We have Overcome

By the blood, them cyah (cannot) touch we
By the blood, ever blessed yeah
By the blood, we overcome yeah, yea

Yuh (you) come inna (in to) me (my) space
Making one seta (plenty) noise with yuh (your), Rah Rah Rah (nonsense talk)
Look yuh (you) getting outta place,
Mek (Let me) me remind you who this priesthood comes after.

Come lewwe (let us) mash down the enemy
Stamp down the enemy
Trample the enemy,
Break down the enemies plans
Lift up your hands to Jehovah
Praise away that stress, I'm not holding back
Jesus saved my soul hallelujah, loose meh lemme go!(release me, let me go)

We have over, we have overcome (x2)

Ah not playing no games with you satan
Somebody here is bound to get free
We trample on your head little serpent
You come against the Lord God's army.

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