Artist bio

G Precious born Brenda M. Atencio, is a Hip Hop / Rap Artist from Ohkay Owingeh - Village of the Strong (formerly San Juan Pueblo). She blends Native American traditional sounds and vibrancy into Hip Hop and puts her life, her heart, her family, her struggles, the courageous hope and healing process into every album. She has released several albums to include: “On My Shoulders”, “Hip Hop & Hotdogs Vol. 1”, “Abomination”, “Walk On Water: Evolution”, “ECLECTIC” and the “Bow and Arrow Songs of Ohkay Owingeh.” G Precious is a multiple Native American Music Award (NAMA) Nominee, multiple New Mexico Music Award Winner, and has been nominated for an Indian Summer Music Award (2016, 2017) and an Independent Music Award. In bringing awareness to the many issues that affect our communities to include Domestic Violence, Drugs, Alcohol, Suicide, Bullying, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Men and Children, G Precious has continued to speak and perform at various events, local schools, senior citizen centers, youth programs and camps; and today she joins us for our event with her group “T’owa Shadeh” (People Dance) in a special performance of the Bow and Arrow Dance of Ohkay Owingeh. G Precious is only team member.




Hip-Hop / Rap

Artist Statement

This video talks about my struggles and the struggles of many people throughout the world - battling themselves, their friends, their enemies, the system in general. It pushes the political envelope of what I see through my eyes.

How it fits into contest

This is the Spiritual Battle fought everyday. Not only on my Indian (Native American) Reservation but throughout the world. The battle that Women face on a daily - to be recognized, to have a voice, to fight for equality. To stand on their own two feet all while raising their children, having a full-time job and getting an education. It talks of the battle seen of substance abuse which leaves many mothers to raise their families alone. The video captures this story.


G Precious (Director, Writer, Performer, Lyricist, Videographer)
VueQ (Videographer / Editor)
Stevie Bundlez The Billionaire (Videographer / Editor)
Leading Cast: Charlene Tsoodle-Marcus
Supporting Cast:
Ts'ay P'oekwin Dance Group
Ohkay Owingeh Serpent Trail Dancers
Qootsvenma Denipah
Kateri Keevama & Aniah Trujillo
Justin Cata
Jill & Denise Mitchell
Sally Matthews
Esther & Lyle Sanchez
Sofia & Donicia Lovato
Alfred Shije
Anthony Padilla
Logan Atencio

How to Purchase this Artwork

Song "RISE" can be found on Album: "Walk On Water: Evolution" and is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, cdBaby, Rhapsody, Reverbnation, all online / digital music stores. Physical copies are also available for purchase directly from G Precious via Facebook.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Available for Inspirational Speeches, Presentations on Various Topics - Bullying, Substance Abuse, Depression, Suicide Awareness, Domestic Violence, any topic needed by Schools, Organizations or Programs; Available for Live Music Performances as well as Virtual Performances; Other appearances, etc., as requested.

Transcript / Lyrics

I'm gonna sit here and take this time, To write down my troubles and relieve my mind, I know many of you feel like me, Wondering what happened to freedom of speech, Living in a World dominated by Men, Indian Women living in a world of oppression, Sometimes it feels like a 3rd World Country, Starving for freedom, food for the hungry, Our soldiers overseas fighting the war, We got a war here America, look out your back door, I know when this song hits the fans, I'll probably get banned, denied by the man.

Chorus: And we Rise, Rise, Rise, And we Rise, Rise, Rise

As I sit here thinking of all my soldiers, my Indian women we're the new tribal warriors, Children in one arm, in the other got a job and education, On our backs, we carry the Indian Nation, I look at my life, I had strong Indian women, I know I wouldn't be here, if it wasn't for them, I stand tall, and I won't back down, From no man or no fight, I'll stand my ground, Paint my face and give me a bow, For my people, I will give my soul, It don't matter to me if I stand alone, In the end, the truth will be shown, You'll see it in my eyes, I never lie, I'll stay true to myself till the day I die, You know that I know you're hearing me, Every single day, you show you're fear of me.

Chorus: And We Rise, Rise, Rise. And We Rise, Rise, Rise.

My children, take a good look around, Don't let anybody put you down, This world is full of jealousy and hate, Know the real and be wary of the fake, Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, Just know in your circle there's always a poser, The system is corrupt people passing judgement, The sad thing it's the same passing punishment, If you're different and got a mind of your own, You ain't a puppet or a mind to control, They'll do whatever, make you an outcast, Lie about you and put your life on blast, I'm living proof take a good look at me, The Pueblo Revolt of 2018, My Native Warriors, it's time for a change, Take a stand in your future Engage.

Chorus: And we Rise, Rise, Rise. And We Rise, Rise, Rise.

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