Artist bio

Tomeka Leaphart Chaney has been a performing arts instructor for over 20 years. Having experience in the music, acting, dance and modeling industries, she brings a diverse experience to her students. Tomeka holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music - Vocal Performance, from Columbia College and a Master of Arts in Education. Tomeka is the owner and director of ArtsC, an arts education program. On weekends, she teaches singing at Charlotte Academy of Music. During the school year, she is the lower school music teacher at United Faith Christian Academy. Tomeka spends most of her time teaching. The Engage Art Contest has given her the opportunity to write, sing, and use her creativity! Gifts she is truly grateful for!


I'm Covered With His Armor


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

I absolutely loved working on this project. First, I wrote the lyrics and melody. Then, I created the music/instrumentation. The final step was recording the footage for the video and editing.

How it fits into contest

Such an awesome topic! The verses are most definitely the inspiration for my song. I was also inspired by all the hardships the world has experienced this year.


Me!! I was a one-woman show with this project. Hehe!

Tomeka Leaphart Chaney: Composer, Lyricist, Singer, Director, Writer, Producer, Lead Actress, Videographer, Production Designer, Editor, Costume Designer, and so on...

Transcript / Lyrics


When trouble’s all around me
It's so hard to breathe
Everywhere there's chaos
It’s hard for me to see

A way out
When I am surrounded by evil
I lift my hands and I pray

The word is my sword
My faith is my shield
The Mightiest is my Protector

I’m covered with His amour
I’m covered

When you sit in silence
Holding back the tears
Saddest all around you
It’s hard for you to see

A way out
When you are surrounded by evil
Just lift of your hands and pray

The word is your sword
Your faith is your shield
The Mightiest is your Protector

You’re covered with His amour
You’re covered

When the darkness comes
I will stand firm
When flaming arrow come
I’ll block them with prayer

I’m covered with your amour
I’m covered

The word is my sword
My faith is a shield
The Mightiest is my Protector

I’m covered with His amour
I’m covered

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