Artist bio

Shanea Strachan is a Bahamian Artist & Philanthropist. She was born and raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas. She graduated High School in 2008 and left Grand Bahama, 7 months later in pursuit of her dreams of higher education. Shanea has been actively involved in Performing Arts starting with Ballet at the age of 5. During her childhood, she developed a love for Music and Drama and have been writing Songs, Poetry, and Screenplays from the early age of 8. In music, Shanea has been in several rap groups, has written numerous songs and has performed on several major platforms. To date, she has released one mixtape. On the screen, Shanea is a SAG-AFTRA Eligible Actress. She has been featured in numerous productions in Film and Television for FOX, BET, Paramount Pictures and the New Mexico Department of Transportation. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Video & Audio Production in May of 2014. In April of 2018, Shanea re-dedicated her life to Christ. As a born-again Christian, it is her mission to use her gifts and talents to bring honor to God and to win souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.



Artist Statement

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” ~2 Corinthians 5:17, NKJV. Salvation is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I thank God for His amazing grace! Amazing is truly my visual testimony of how God delivered me from New Age (Spirituality), I speak about my deliverance in my music and share my journey of where I was two years ago to where God has brought me to today.

How it fits into contest

I wrote and directed the concept of this video to fit exactly with the contest topic, the spiritual battle as described in Ephesians 6:10-20, I wanted to tell the Spiritual Battle story by depicting a dark force and an angel. At the beginning of the video, you see the dark force, carrying chains, he represents a ruler of darkness.

As he bounds me with the chains, he places representations of my sinful past on the chains. These represent the spirits that I battled before I became saved. As I cry out to God with repentance, He sends an angel to deliver me. The angel places a cross around my next which represents God's armor (protection).

Throughout the video, you see the spiritual battle between the angel and the dark force as she fights to protects me. This shows that when we repent of our sins and give our life to Christ He continues to protect us. The rest of the video I perform in front of a trailer that reads, "Jesus Is The Way" which illustrates verses 18-20, professing, speaking boldly and being an Ambassador for Christ. The video ends with me being baptized and made new which completes the process of transformation in Christ.


Dark Force - Evan Williams
Angel - Patreka Pinder
Pastor - Cranston McDonald

Director of Photography & Editor - Jason “Cameraman Fee-Z” Smith
Director & Writer - Shanea Strachan

Music Credit
Shine written by Leon Bridges
Producer - Kamoshun
Engineer - Ashanti “Qilla Fang” Carey

How to Purchase this Artwork

Not for sale. Available for free on YouTube.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Amazing Gospel Tees - $20.00

Transcript / Lyrics

Lord, oh don't remember my sins
My sins from my youth
Oh don't remember my sins
And father, please remove my transgressions
Let them blow in the wind like sand
'Cause all of my deeds, you know them
Use me as your vessel
I want to shine like the candle
Shine like the burning candle in the room

God’s been good and His grace is so amazing!
His grace is so amazing, grace is so amazing! x3

Two years ago this time so I had nothing to my name,
See I done bounced back, I done rised up now I’m chasing after my dreams,
I got saved man, I found Christ now and I’m moving on to big things, No longer manifesting I’m praying if you understand what I’m saying see
God gave a chance to a sinner like me
I was once bounded but now I am free
I was blind to the lies but now I can see, now the enemy no longer has his hold on me
I'm a living testimony for the world to see
How God transformed a person like me
Now I'm using my gifts being all I can be
Giving thanks to the Lord for setting me free

God's been good and His grace is so amazing
His grace is so amazing
Grace is so amazing

Lord your good and your grace is so amazing x3
And I thank you Lord x3

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