Artist bio

Man 3 Faces started 2020 off with a 3 Track Hip Hop / Soul EP but didn’t stop there. While continuing with a single collab with JackEL on FVYDID records, graduating from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA with an Audio Engineering certificate 10 years ago certainly helped Vincent aka “Man 3 Faces” record/mix and master his own vocals and tracks. Known across the EDM community for strong releases + collaborations with NCS , Rap Nation, Cazztek, Dustycloud, Bobby Duque, STMPD Records, The Lifted, DJ 2 High, Coin Bros and many more. Receiving lots of recognition on all music social platforms, Man 3 Faces sound is a diverse new wave in hip-hop, rap, rock, pop, soul and funk music. Born and raised in Southern Cali this west coast musician has accumulated over 500k streams on Spotify. He has also performed over 50+ gigs, playing at THE VIPER ROOM, THE KEY CLUB, HOUSE OF BLUES, THE RAINBOW ROOM, 1oak, Roxy and more. This is only the beginning of a unique, all-genre artist and sound that will remain echoing through speakers worldwide.



Artist Statement

Live Happens Anywhere is all fully original content filmed in unique locations, all in one take audio and uncut shot simultaneously.

How it fits into contest

To surrender all that we are to the most high. To stand strong with the Amor of God ready for battle against the wicked, deceived and lost. To find love and the gift of life.


Directed by : Vincent Bowman
Cinematography By : Blake Raynor

Transcript / Lyrics

Faded so far from..
The hurt your wore when everything went grey..
Muddy and hollow...
The love was shattered somewhere in between..
My bodies is broken..
My views have changed..
God has spoken..
I call on You..
You alone are all I need..
Forgive me for these things I've made my life..
I now believe..
I am a sinner..
I'm nothing without You..
To follow You..
Follow You yes You alone are love..

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