Debra Skeen

Artist bio

I was born in Australia and married an American. Almost two years ago we moved to North Carolina. We have a three year old son.



Artist Statement

I enjoy working in different mediums. This theme allowed me to explore the culture shock I've experienced since moving to the US and what we can do as a community to come together. Because of the first amendment I was unprepared for the manipulation of religion for personal gain or just to use as an excuse to push personal views. I haven't experienced this since I was a child in Australia, just before the majority of people left the Anglican church and the church lost allot of it's power in government. (no separation of church and state). I draw, paint a sculpt for fun. I don't really have a canon of work.

How it fits into contest

The central character in the piece is based on Mathew 23 KJV, and represents the rulers and authorities. This character is also influenced by Matthew 7:3-5. Pushing back are lines of knights pointing their Swords against the darkness. Depicted in the helms, armor and shields are acts of love, kindness and happiness. For me this means standing together against false profits by being good to each other, truly living your values and looking within to improve yourself.


The artwork is my own, but I drew inspiration from ideas suggested by family.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Purchase price: $-2

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