Artist bio

This is a image that I did in college, I majored in art at Xavier university of Louisiana I’m New Orleans. When you say describe myself my life is art, it’s a piece of mind, it’s always been my happy place. I was also in the military for five years. I’ve always been an active individual. Also played sports in high school now I’m a store manager at finish line but would love to fulfill my life long dream as becoming an artist. Offcourse a dream without hard work is just dream I have a goal a plan set that I will accomplish by any means


Son of mars

Artist Statement

I was inspired by graffiti art work and spike lee. He’s my motivation and inspiration for this painting and I just incorporated myself into the painting .

How it fits into contest

I feel like you find graffiti everywhere, every image is going to be different based on the culture.


Brittany Hereford

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Type of work: a unique original

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