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I’m 34 years old, married, mother of two wonderful boys. I look at them as extensions of Gods love in my life. A way for my heart to beat outside my body. My greatest joy on earth comes from being a wife and mom. I love the Lord and I try my best to serve him. I’m far from perfect and I love to let my mind be at peace during the creation of my art. I’ve always struggled to find my voice but I can always paint how I feel.


Tree of good and evil

Artist Statement

I love to experiment with different mediums and I used acrylic paint for this particular piece. I’m not a professional artist but I did enjoy letting my imagination run with this theme. I layered different colors of grey and then just started creating the tree by laying the limbs with my brush. Then I added some blue to show the life blood of the tree.

How it fits into contest

I see a tree as a lot of different things. Strength is one of them. When we are strong in the Lord our roots are in his word. We can’t stand through storms with not roots. I also see good and evil in trees because the tree itself is good but the things that attach to the tree can be deadly to the tree such as disease or rot. We must stand firm constantly watching for the lords return while we keep an eye on our branches. Keeping the pruned with his word, keeping them healthy with prayer and keeping them clean with the Holy Spirit. When we’ve done all we can do to stand we just stand rooted in his word and we can weather the storms of evil that rage agaiabst is.


Rebecca Duncan - artist

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Type of work: a hand-created copy

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