Laura Gammons

Artist bio

Laura Gammons is a resident of Coastal North Carolina, USA. She was exposed to art from an early age and encouraged by the other artists in her family to pursue her talents. Laura studied art throughout grade school and some in college before majoring in the environmental sciences and minoring in marketing. After several years as a “weekend artist,” Laura began drawing on past lessons, teaching herself, and exchanging ideas with other artists. Through this process she is recognized as an emerging artist and is very active in the local community. Laura has pieces in private collections throughout North America and Western Europe and embraces opportunities to build relationships and to share her love of art with people of many cultures. Laura works primarily with acrylics and mixed media and enjoys a bold use of color. “The world is so vibrant and beautiful if we only take the time to see.” says the artist, “I hope to bring light and levity to people’s lives.”


Ode To B

Artist Statement

This piece is one of the first I did after finally letting God guide my hand and inspire me and an artist. Instead of thinking so much I began to feel and allow the art to just happen. This marked a turning point where I accepted the courage and protection God was giving me to express myself instead of conforming.

How it fits into contest

My best friend passed away 8 months before I painted this. He was healthy as a horse but the Lord wanted him. I felt lost and during those months my relationship and trust with God grew so strong. I realized that it was a new day and a new time for my strength to be rooted in God, not in people. Here the sun rises over the ocean and this is coastal NC. A brave new day full of possibilities in the walk with God. He encouraged me to put my trust in Him and I finally listened. This painting is an ode to my friend Bryan and honors the unconditional support and encouragement he always gave me...and it signifies the powerful LOVE that God has for me. That love is my armor.


Just me.

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Type of work: a mass produced copy
Purchase price: $125

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