Artist bio

I am an artist from Greenville, SC. I graduated North Greenville University with an art degree and I am planning on attaining a counseling graduate degree in hopes of doing art therapy. But before any of that I am a child of God and my artwork reflects my relationship to Him.


Gospel of Peace


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I created this piece of art with charcoal and gold leaf. There is something about mixing these two mediums that fees sophisticated yet helps to portray a type of spirituality I could not capture with a camera. I deal with gold leaf often because it reminds me of the presence of God. When iconography was being produced for the Byzantine church a golden halo could be spotted behind people associated with divinity. In my work I strive to show the viewer that this kind of closeness to God (or sainthood) is available to everyone through the work of Jesus Christ.

How it fits into contest

I was inspired by Ephesians 6:10-20 because there are a lot of action phrases such as 'take up', 'put on', 'stand firm'. I realized that I cannot wake up in the morning and not put on the spiritual armor of God. In my drawing there is a pair of hands reaching toward a golden orb; this is meant to represent me taking action to put on the armor of God. Of course, this armor is not physical which is why I decided to use a symbol of divinity associated with iconography. Since I have been bought with the blood of Jesus I have been invited into the royal priesthood of Jesus. I am to be one with Christ and every morning I have the opportunity to 'take up', 'put on', 'stand firm' or 'take hold of' the promise and truth set before me.


William McDonald - created the art

How to Purchase this Artwork

Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $500

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