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My name is Richard Sullivan I have discovered that painting is a tool that God is using to speak in an unusual way to hearts as He does for me thanks to Engage Art. N/a


Wings that soar

Artist Statement

Even though this painting started out with Isaiah chapter 40:29-31. The emphasis on mounting up on wings like eagles. A few days later I found myself under attack and reading the scriptures again "the youth get weary and the young men fall ..I had my eyes not where they were supposed to be I was not soaring. This is a reality for all of us when we take our eyes off the Holy Spirit but He doesn't give up on us. He causes us to arise and look to Him and sore again. I put the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit amongst the Soaring wings and that when we keep our eyes on Him as He soars. At least He never faints nor gets weary and His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, Let the weak say I am strong... then we can soar as I did a few days later. Grace and mercy will follow us all the days of our life and some days we need Mercy.. Arrows invade our thoughts, its why we have to put our armor on...daily

How it fits into contest

Ephesians chapter 6 :16,17 take on the helmet of salvation and the shield of faith this is to cover our thought life where the Enemy shoots his arrows... at times we still are weakened by them as I have in times past..this is the nature of war.


The Holy Spirit and myself

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Type of work: a mass produced copy
Purchase price: $150

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