Artist bio

My name is Lakata. I enjoy using primary colours red blue and yellow with white and black. Painting is a joy. I am happily married with two grown children and one grandchild.


Journey On



Artist Statement

This painting shows many pathways of life. As I painted this I felt full of grief for lost loved ones but as I painted I felt as if I went on a journey and this helped me see that we need to celebrate a well lived life after a death. And remember the joy we shared with our loved ones and friends who have passed away.

How it fits into contest

The shielding armor of the Holy Trinity takes care of our many phases as we go through life's journey. I see the Holy armor of my lord and Savior as a light that shines from within.


Lakata Medford artist

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Type of work: a hand-created copy
Purchase price: $800

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