Artist bio

My name is Lakata. I enjoy using primary colours red blue and yellow with white and black. Painting is a joy. I am happily married with two grown children and one grandchild.


Spiritual Mist



Artist Statement

Spiritual Mist was painted as I wrapped myself in the invisible armor of our Lord and Savior. It is part of my on going journey in life with the guidance of the Holy Trinity. The armor of God isn't always easy to see but I can feel it.

How it fits into contest

When I paint I know deep in by soul what I paint is a gift from God. I love painting as it is His gift to me that I want to share. I paint what is inside my soul. I feel that God's armor isn't always easy to see. I feel it in the soft mist of morning as the sun breaks over the mountain. I feel it when I touch the soil as I plant seeds in my garden. When I share a smile with a friend. I have felt it when the wind seemed to direct me away from harm.


Steve Medford my husband for his gift of love. He enables me to have free time for painting.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $500

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