Lana Kamarić

Artist bio

Ontario-based artist, Lana Kamarić is a self-taught painter from Sarajevo, Bosnia. Working with oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media her cosmic, surrealist style creates a visual language for abstract concepts such as identity and the subconscious. She approaches each painting as an opportunity to introspect and explore her fascination with science, nature and metaphysics.





Artist Statement

I painted this self portrait after coming out of the worst depressive episode of my life. During those dark times I learned to turn within for the answers instead of seeking external escape from the pain of being human. I learned to surrender to the process of healing. This portrait represents how I see the world around me, process the information through my subconscious and release it back into the world as art.

How it fits into contest

Being human is a constant spiritual battle. The current world we live in doesn't prioritize our peace and well being and it's easy to get lost trying to find purpose and order in the chaos. When you take the time to get quiet and look within you not only find your own truth but come to realize that we are all part of a greater whole. This connection is what guides us, keeps us protected and helps us find peace.

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