Ching Yan Hui

Artist bio

Anna Hui is a curator and amateur painter based in Hong Kong, China and Newcastle, United Kingdom. Currently, she built her art business in Mainland China. She is a self-taught artist who focuses on oil & acrylic painting and watercolour. She thinks art is connected to human nature and emotion, it is a method to communicate with the world. Anna just won a gold award from International Youth Art Festival 2021 Hong Kong Visual Art Competition. Her paintings have been exhibited in Hong Kong and Xiamen, China.


Praying For Healing



Artist Statement

The body language in this artwork shows my feelings. Once I feel nervous, I would ask God and talk to God. We can pray anywhere, any time, any place. We don't have to be afraid no matter what surrounds us because I know that God hears our prayers. I painted this artwork in my own colour. I think art is based on human life, human nature, and personal emotion. Usually, I paint my first layer based on my memory and feeling.

How it fits into contest

This artwork is about personal life. As a Christian, I was baptized in 2019/11. The battles of spiritual warfare are intense after I decided to accept Jesus as my Savior. Thus, I started to paint my feelings in colors. This artwork shows I am asking and talking to God. I know without God, I am powerless and nothing.

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