Kate Barclay

Artist bio

We are a family of four love the Lord! Kate Barclay, our daughter, loves photography, and what is one way to glorify the Lord than through art? We are from Dallas, TX, and attend Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. With the money, if awarded, it can help with college tuition!


Light Unto My Path



Artist Statement

In this piece, there is a girl hopefully looking towards the Bible, in which light is shining from the Word, as she is surrounded by darkness. Water droplets splatter across the window she sits behind, to reflective repeated trials we as humans face during spiritual warfare. In life, we should always look for the light, and try to imitate the light in order that we can spread it to others. In the darkness and evils of the world, and if we hide the Truth of the Word in our heart, we can fight any trials with the mercy of God,

How it fits into contest

In the midst of spiritual warfare, we can always refer back to the truth: The Word. The living Sciptures can fight the darkness by spreading light. The Word of God is our sword, and it can help us fight the evils of this world with His goodness.


Thank you to my mom and dad, who supported and sponsored this project, and my friend, Cece Bogda, for her beautiful contribution.

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