Artist bio

I am a first strata graduate of Fine Arts ITB Bandung, also a graduate of ITS Surabaya Architectural Aesthetics Criticism. now i am still working as a lecturer at the Department of Architecture ITS Surabaya. Since starting in 2020 [covid 19 pandemic] i intend to be even more serious about becoming an artist


life during the covid 19 pandemic at home since 2020



Artist Statement

During the pandemic, I can't go anywhere, my family, my home environment, is an everyday world that I have to face, patiently, happily and happily

How it fits into contest

take care of fussy parents patiently, painstakingly. Caring for family; wife and children during the pandemic, it's really a learning of patience, sacrifice, obedience to Allah that is not easy, and that is the real war, everyday. as Ephesians 6-11, the battles I face every day, within me, with the personal desires of the members of the house, are imprinted and very dear to miss or neglect to express in my paintings. Every day the problems vary, none of them are the same, but filling your work life during the COVID-19 pandemic is really a must. so every work with a different concept will fill and spill "war" as in the scripture verse above, it can be said to be similar.


my family, all parents, children, my wife and things at home

How to Purchase this Artwork

The price of my painting entitled: My father, on canvas 75 x 90 cm = 350 US dollars
If someone wins, please let me know via my WhatsApp number {+62]8125901360, please ask for my account number, after I receive the transfer money, I hope the painting will be done soon. Note: all the paintings are without frames, wooden frames on canvas, and the prices above DO NOT include the shipping costs of the paintings. thank you

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

For now, sorry not yet. I'm just going to try out this painting of mine first, I'm still testing the quality of the design, later I'll send examples of pottery and household equipment from plant waste.
Please remind me via my WA number starting January 2022
thank you

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