Artist bio

The One on high has given life many masterpieces. In it, there are masterpieces that are present right in front of my eyes and sometimes, somehow, those masterpieces are present in my subconscious. I spent most of my free time trying to capture or recreate those masterpieces with all my passion.





Artist Statement

There is a saying: "To have peace, we must pay with war". War is always cruel.
But the One on high has given us a masterpiece so that when we look at it, no one has to fight. All the devils in our thoughts disappear. So that we don't have to use the good energies He gives us to serve war or no one has to destroy our fellow human beings.

How it fits into contest

Through this work, I want to convey a message: "Always bring to the life of this world the good values that God has bestowed on you so that there will be no wars."

How to Purchase this Artwork

When capturing moments from the masterpiece of the One above, I received a lot of good energy from the One above. I am very pleased to give away the high quality PDF file for free to those who love and appreciate this masterpiece of the One above. Please contact me:

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