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I'm Emmanuel Olakusehin,a Nigerian born,An undergraduate who studies visual art and whose occupation is an Artist.Playing football is an hobby of mine.I am an artist who encourages the existence of peace,love and unity on earth.


From grass to grace



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The artwork depicts the biography of Dr.Benjamin Carson revealing his fight through the effects of racism, violent temper and poverty/wretchedness to become a successful character on earth.

How it fits into contest

The world is a battlefield as being understood in the specific text of the theme,"Ephesians 6:10-20", making us to have the knowledge that there are battles beyond the physical realm, known to be spiritual battles and thereby revealing to us that it can only be fought by embracing and putting on the whole armour of God.To put justice to the art contest's demands,I will be relating the bible text "Ephesians 6:10-20" with the life of Dr Ben Carson based on the artwork I rendered.
Dr.Ben Carson was a renowned neurosurgeon now in politics and he is also a celebrity who is known for his fight through racism, poverty and a violent temper to become successful in life . Once a dullard and now a vibrant and outstanding scholar,once bullied and now honoured, once poor and now rich.These occurrences that are noted in his life have massive connections with the spiritual realm and will be emphasized in the contents of the "Heading" below.

These explanations can be linked to his spirituality and that of his mom,Sonya Carson.

Ben Carson grew in a wretched,poor and ignored environment in which black Americans like him lived due to the effects of the rampant act of racism back then in America.Nothing awesome or extraordinary is expected from such environments due to the hatred for blacks, making the towns and it's people feel forsaken, but fortunately,he has a mom who knows a saviour, Jesus (spirituality comes in).He coming from an environment where crimes like dealing with drugs and much evil acts were practiced, never made him influenced, not by his power but by the power of Jesus to save through his mom who had embraced the whole armour of God to pray for her child and secure her child's future against the devil's plans to destroy the future of youths and young ones (the spiritual power of a Christian Mother). The devil's plan was impotent upon his life because,he has a mom who showed him the way to his success.(Jesus the way, the truth and the life). Painfully for him,he grew up without both parents making things hard for his mom, but God was always there to father him alongside his mom, Sonya Carson, accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior while embracing the whole armour of God and doing His will though the challenges and problems faced by her in providing for her children.Once a dullard as stated earlier, but became an outstanding scholar as a result of his mom's efforts to make him study hard(The impact of a Christian Mother embracing the whole armour of God to command greatness and success into her child's life through prayers rendered in the name of Jesus). Jesus said if you believe,you can move mountains.Sonya Carson believed God and commanded the spirit of intelligence into the life of Ben Carson who was known to be a dullard in his younger school days .(As a result of these answered prayers of Sonya Carson,a spiritual battle had been fought against spiritual evil rulers/demons who wants his life to be rendered useless by making him a dullard).
When the devil noticed that he was loosing domination upon the life of Ben Carson,he decided to use his weakness to bring his journey to success to an end,but God is always there to save from trouble his own;a situation arose resulting to Ben's anger, loosed control and stabbed his colleague, but fortunately for him, the belt of his colleague which was made of metal (Jesus in disguise)was there to protect him from going to jail.The impact of his mom's prayers upon his life as a result of putting on the whole armour of God ,has protected him from the clutches of the spiritual evil rulers who doesn't want the success of Ben Carson, wanting him to be a murderer.
In conclusion,Ben Carson waxed stronger and stronger, preventing the devil from tampering/toying with his life as an attest of Sonya Carson's embracement of the whole armour of God to protect her child even when he seems immature in the spirit at his tender age

Ben Carson grew up closer to God and following the right path towards success (Jesus).He became prayerfully equipped, more faithful and most importantly, he embraced the whole armour of God.He became matured in Christ and understood that there are agents of darkness who derives joy in the failure and damnation of all,he also understood that one can only be victorious over them by putting on the whole armour of God.As he moved on with God,he became a Neurosurgeon, became restored into financial blessings,made his mother proud and ended the regime of poverty and wretchedness in his family lineage (The power of Jesus to move his child from grass to grace). Even at a risky moment of his career where he had to separate conjoined twins on the head,he prayed,put God first and believed, resulting to a successful surgery (The power of Jesus to make successful everything His child does as a result of putting on the whole armour of God).
Dr.Ben Carson is a successful character who overcame poverty, racism and a violent temper not because he does things his will but the will of God, embracing righteousness and putting on the whole armour of God to render useless the plans of the evil rulers/devil upon his life.


Kolawole Olakusehin -My Brother
Ruth Olakusehin -My Mom
Jesus -My father in heaven who gifted me the talent to be creative.

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Tie and dyed fabrics and carved images.One can inquire about having them by simply contacting me on my WhatsApp handle -09160076462

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