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Namo Safideen was born in Eskilstuna, Sweden, on March 11th 1985. His parents, both being of Kurdish descent, came to Sweden from Iraq as refugees in the early 1980's. Growing up in Eskilstuna, this is where Namo also enjoyed his high school days before studying for a degree in computer engineering in college. After graduating in 2008, Namo moved to Stockholm and began working on several IT projects. However, even with multiple ongoing IT projects that kept him busy, he still had this burning desire for something new. In 2011, he started writing down recurring dreams that he would have, often looking at these recurring dreams as emotional endings to a movie. Through this process, Namo was able to find his true passion: filmmaking and photography.


Entrance To Heaven



Artist Statement

I was helping out a friend with his documentary. We traveled to northern Norway to shot a couple of scenes. The city is called Åndalsnes and we drove to an area called Trollstigen. Trollstigen is surrounded by high and almost surreal mountains.

One morning during sunrise, we had a short break and I saw something special that caught my attention. Two shapes of big clouds almost glued themselves on top of a mountain. It was almost a spiritual moment when I saw what kind of shapes was appearing in front of my eyes.

This photo is showing two seperated clouds forming a gap between themselves on top of a high mountain (about 850 meters/2788 feet above sea level).

The picture was taken with an iPhone 8 (native app/lens).

How it fits into contest

This artwork shows a symbolic meaning behind the term 'spiritual battle'. The entrance to heaven appears at the top of a very high mountain. Salvation and freedom lies behind that entrance but to get all the way to the top requires blood, sweat and tears. That's what the spiritual battle mean to me.


Filip Tsichlis
Namo Safideen

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