Artist bio

My name is Diana Fernanda Montañez Vera (Mexico, 1994), I’m an artist that lives and works in Toluca, Mexico State. I studied Industrial Design at the Autonomous Mexico State University and at University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE), Portugal. My paints are pices of my life and story, based mainly on some impression of personal dream images mixed with the feelings that they cause on me, also adding some natural elements in order to capture the weird beauty that surround us and is part of us


Our Battle



Artist Statement

Much of my work is based on natural elements and oniric images, this one is a little bit different. When I created this painting I was in a transition period full of chaos in my life, at this point I was facing my
deepest fears, I learned to let go many things; I was lost and needed to find peace in my life, one day a savior man told me that I should pray, and the process finally started. In this time, life and God brought me a Christian friend, to help me fight this battle.
and get out of that hole, I still have a long way to go, but I'm ready.

How it fits into contest

With this painting I want to represent the battle that the human being has to wage within himself
against evil, all situations that make us feel that we are in a dark world. I want to show the constant battle between
dualities, how the truth fights against lies, the search for justice and represent that this will not be an easy path, but it has to be that way, because it is a fundamental part of our personal growth.
Finally I want to paint the nature and the fragility of each person,
highlighting the beauty and strength that accompanies it,
remembering that in every dark moment we can lean on this faith and on prayer, because this makes up our armor.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Instagram: @dianemove
Phone: 52 7221285770

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