Neelam Shah

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Masters Psychoanalysis Kingston University graduate-2017. I am currently a temp freelance Researcher/reporter/Analyst for Fintech Pharmaceuticals and a freelance Academic Health Researcher/Writer for Knowledge Links, Freelance Proof Reader for London Skills Network and Adhoc Ranstad Disability Support Worker/Specialist Note Taker. In my spare time I genuinely enjoy tutoring online, baking, painting, drawing, travelling, photography, dancing, playing the keyboard, In addition to my passion writing blogs and articles, creative writing poems and short stories, I relish in reading novels and visiting historical and art exhibitions, I am also an e-activist, Global Citizen Leader, Campaigner, and political lobbyist for PETA, Walk for Freedom Slavery Activist and End Global Poverty, Unicef Children’s Champion, Greenpeace and Climate Reality activist and GQ Transforming Mental Health Supporter/Campaigner.


Montage of theology


Digital Art

Artist Statement

A collage/montage of photos collated together based on the monasteries, churches of Malta, Venice and idols of Mary representing catholism. The artwork depicts theology and symbolisms catholism with the monasteries ceilings.

How it fits into contest

The photos of the outside churches/monasteries in Malta represented a collection/montage of Theology artwork depicting many hidden themes in connection to the spiritual battle, the struggle for goodness, justice, light, truth, God, peace, wellness, and/or hope against pressure or powers of injustice, darkness, deceit, enemies, anxiety, death and/or despair which are symbolised in the holiness and virtuosity of catholic iconography.

Although I was not permitted to take any photos inside church to be honest apart from the beautiful monasteries/cathedrals interior to depict the beauty of the stain glassed oval dome ceiling above with beautiful arches.

All the photos images five chosen represent the simplicity of protestant churches vs. catholism of light, truth, god, peace through photography of simple churches and complexity of the monasteries intricate details to symbolise the hope against pressure or powers of injustice, darkness, deceit, enemies, anxiety, death and/or despair for the future of a fight against simple protestant churches of bell towers, simple churches vs. catholism to represent the beauty of simple cathedrals.



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