Emily and the Ram

This is a portrait of a my daughter ( Emily) and a Dall Sheep (ram). I have been a working artist for 20 years discovering and perfecting a new drawing method where I sand charcoal into heavy printmaking paper as a process. I have been drawing both of my daughters all of their lives, documenting both their growth and mine, as an artist. My work is also about what it is to be female. I am influenced by ancient history and strong females of the past, using my daughters to embody their presence.

It is my intent with this drawing to demonstrate the spiritual battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20 in a subtle yet powerful manner. Our battle against the spiritual forces of evil is not necessarily other people: it is sin. Sin is often very subtle yet requires great power to defeat it. To fight this evil, the greatest armor one can have is the belief in, and dependance on the power of Jesus. The woman depicted in my piece is choosing to be protected by a majestic, powerful ram. Because the ram leads the herd and is a sacrificial animal (reminding us of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross), the ram is a symbol for Christ taken from the Old Testament.

This woman, although beautiful and mild, is fully armed in any spiritual battle with the ram by her side. The ram is strong and muscular but as a representation of Jesus is much, much more. Through faith, trust and dependence upon Jesus, she is fully armored against sin and the devil"s schemes. As depicted in my drawing, she is confirming the ram's presence and reassuring herself that he is really there protecting her every step of the way on their "Long Journey" together.


Annie Murphy-Robinson

Art Medium

Visual Art, Drawing

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