He Shouldn't Have Cursed God

He Shouldn’t Have Cursed God

Biblical stories have always been a favorite of mine to paint. I wanted to portray this well known subject of David's defeat of Goliath in a whimsical, and colorful manner that hopefully evokes questions from viewers young and old alike.

The artwork submitted is the first of a series of paintings I am creating with the hope to have published as a children's book.

BTW, did you count the toes?
avid's battle with, and subsequent defeat of Goliath, is one of Scripture's premier "types" of spiritual warfare, and the promised victory we have in Christ.

So many object lessons are evident within the story that relate to the Ephesians passage.

For instance, Saul’s armor, descriptive of our own efforts and fleshly endeavors, failed. God’s armor, symbolized by David’s personal relationship and faith in God, prevailed.

And as a type of the evil one, Goliath’s “scheme” to bring fear and reproach to the children of Israel, was no match for this shepherd boy who would be king.


David Grasso

Art Medium

Visual Art, Painting

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