Amanda Harden


Amanda Harden


Hello! My name is Amanda Harden. I’m a self taught artist since I was a wee lass. I like to dabble in a bit of every craft from wood working, sculpting, to baking / sugar art, and so forth. Growing up I couldn’t afford much so if I wanted something, I’d make it with whatever resources that were around. Improvisation is my bread and butter. My main medium of choice would be black and white pencil drawings. There’s something about the shading and blending that I just love, it’s so focused, I get lost in it. You can create just about anything with a pencil. The shading and blending add meticulous details and textures, soft, jagged, rough, rounded and smooth. As it also creates the emotion or set of a piece. With it just being a pencil of one color it’s an easier focus on pressures and techniques to build upon to achieve the desired outcome. Which is also a great base to apply to other mediums when mastered in your style. Watercolor is quite new to me, but I guess that is why I am starting to enjoy it so much. The blending of shades/hues. Although it’s more to juggle, it’s quite entrancing. I plan to pursue the world of color more. Black and white art is already magical in a sense but color now takes it to a whole new realm.

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