Amanda Harden

Artist bio

Hello! My name is Amanda Harden. I’m a self taught artist since I was a wee lass. I like to dabble in a bit of every craft from wood working, sculpting, to baking / sugar art, and so forth. Growing up I couldn’t afford much so if I wanted something, I’d make it with whatever resources that were around. Improvisation is my bread and butter. My main medium of choice would be black and white pencil drawings. There’s something about the shading and blending that I just love, it’s so focused, I get lost in it. You can create just about anything with a pencil. The shading and blending add meticulous details and textures, soft, jagged, rough, rounded and smooth. As it also creates the emotion or set of a piece. With it just being a pencil of one color it’s an easier focus on pressures and techniques to build upon to achieve the desired outcome. Which is also a great base to apply to other mediums when mastered in your style. Watercolor is quite new to me, but I guess that is why I am starting to enjoy it so much. The blending of shades/hues. Although it’s more to juggle, it’s quite entrancing. I plan to pursue the world of color more. Black and white art is already magical in a sense but color now takes it to a whole new realm.


Through and Through



Artist Statement

This artwork is dedicated to the Glory of God. His Works through me and others that allowed me to find this contest and to push through outside my comfort zone to create, pursue, and finish.
I put myself in this artwork so you can view what I see, feel, struggle with, and love.
The Lord is my Shepard and Savior. Because of Him, I will never be alone, and I’m renewed by His love, mercy, and words of guidance, to start anew. The past will always be there but He made me a brand new me in my present and future journey of life. His blood, oil, water, and grace pours upon me washing away my sins, fears, anxieties, temptations, (which feels like it’s bound to reach) replacing it with his Spirit and Grace. Which fills me with compassion, physical and spiritual healing, forgiveness, peace, protection, love, drive and above all faith. When I came to God, even now... I always feel His presence in my chest, and stomach it was something like bubbly tickles ^w^ I know He is always here with me and in me. Through me, He gave me creative talent that I can work with my hands, mind and with my lips I can voice / spread His good works/Word as well bring joy, protection, and healing of the body, mind, and spirit to those around, to God, and to myself. God works for us and through us. Because He loves us. Otherwise Christ would not have given His life for us. But He did. He is working in the background keeping unseen forces at bay, giving you strength, protection, grace, His Powers and Words to you so you can take up in arms as well. To protect yourself, loved ones, neighbors, and new followers as well as dismantling evil as He does.
Granted, life isn’t designed to be easy, it’s quite messy in fact. Nobody is perfect even when blessed with His grace, we are human after all. But even when we fall short, God manages to turn our utterly stressful/ horrible situation into something wonderful or to an outcome for the greater good in the broad spectrum of things. It’s why faith/ trust in Christ is important no matter how much you mess up, if you turn to Christ and repent He will still embrace, love, forgive, protect you.
The Crown of Thrones I drew upon His head represents the Tree of Life, Who is Christ. The intertwining branches and reaching roots are the human decisions that may lead to two choices that matter in life. The right side which represents a life pursuing and wanting to be in a relationship with God. In which He brings value, purpose, mercy, never ending life and love. The left is temptation which if given into will lead a life away from God. Without the presence of God, IN LIFE’S END, life is for what? What purpose? What meaning? The loneliness of abyss...
In the End, we have the ultimate choice to pursue a relationship to be with God or not. A choice where God Openly Invites is to be in a relationship at the cost of His own sacrifice, granting everlasting life with Him. If you do not choose to accept His invitation, God will respect your decisions...but at a end up in a place God’s presence doesn’t exist...
Jesus went through a torturous gruesome death beaten and crucified beyond recognition. It would be nearly impossible to think of a silver lining witnessing it, or not knowing the rest of history. But God made one so. Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice and resurrected back to life to give people The Way to His Heavenly Father.

How it fits into contest

In Ephesians 6:10-20 I strongly believe my Armor of God is not only God himself but what he gave and provided me. His blood spilt is the price, protection, and shield for my sins. His holy oil/ blood that I picture and feel in my praying envelops me to promote healing , to be The Temple God wanted me to be, where His Spirit resides in me. And in the water... Christ God baptized me in the rain, when I came to him and asked him to wash me of my past sins clean, as well as be in me and with me always.
The white orbed lights is His Spirit and what He grants /gifts me for protection, defense, and for dismantling the enemy. With my hands and arms I can bring glory upon Him by creating wondrous things to bring emotional effects, and joy to those near and far. Within my chest he softens my heart, teaches me to forgive, have compassion, and above all have faith. Upon and within my head he gives me knowledge, creativity, and voice. A voice to heal, a voice so others can hear him, a voice to cast away the darkness and despair around others, myself included. Jesus pushes me to pursue knowledge. About his teachings, about morality, how to trust, keep faith, and be saved. Knowledge, faith, handiwork, creativity, compassion, determination to put one foot in front of the other, and voice; put together make the ultimate weapon and shield. Not only for yourself but to protect others from spiritual and energy forces. It can create/ build and topple/ crumble the people and environment around you. Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.” God, Son, and Spirit, His gifts and my faith that grounds me firm. Is my shield and armor.
Ephesians 6:10-20
Ephesians 2:10
Psalms 119:73-74
Psalms 91:4
Proverbs 3:5
Psalms 18:2
Proverbs 18:21
Ephesians 4:31-32
Isaiah 41:10-13
James 1-17
Joshua 1:9
Philippians 1:6


God- Head Honcho / Alpha Omega 🙂
Who given me talents and people in my life, guided me emotionally and physically throughout this process.

Barron Ambrose (deceased 2019 age 85)
Barron died before I discover Engage Art but his words, creativity, death, and spiritual presence alongside God pushed me to live my life doing what I love despite the nay sayers that will come and go, (especially when it comes to religion) Appreciating, never take for granted the individual creativity and the daily ability to use fingers, toes, arms, and legs. Which yes, we all do every single day.

Abuelito Carmelo (deceased 2014 Age 77)
Although I have never met Abuelito Carmelo who is the grandfather of my boyfriend; his hand carving works that were passed down though his family were such an inspiration and you can clearly see the love, the passion he puts into his work of arts and his loving family. Sometimes I felt he was there as well, guiding my hand.

Edward Tinajero is the rock God gave me. ❤️ He supports me, motivates me to no end and pushes me spiritually and mentally. He also led me to Christ. Because of him and The Spirit inside of him I gained confidence and put myself out here to share God’s work through me.

Although not laying physical hands on the making aspect, they did contribute. They all are apart of my life and shaped it in one way or another which is how this piece came to be. That is their contribution and I lovingly thank them for it.

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