amy guenther


amy guenther


Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, I have enjoyed art since I was very young. I started my journey in art by taking private lessons in watercolour, ongoing since I was in the second grade. I always had a passion for both the sciences and art but it has been since I graduated high school that I knew art was the path I wanted to follow. I began teaching art lessons in my community after deciding university wasn't the route for me. I was very blessed to have learned from a master in hyperrealistic drawing, and since that seminar I have grown in my drawing abilities and passion. My faith has always been a huge influence in my art- whether I was aware of it or not. Sometimes, I begin a piece that doesn't have an inherent "Christian theme", but when I show my art all together, everything matches a constant theme of faith in everyday life, spirituality and more. I believe we can honour our beliefs by creating art, and I am so thankful to have the ability to do so.

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instagram: longlivethemuse__
society6: museartistry

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Muse Artistry

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