Artist bio

Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, I have enjoyed art since I was very young. I started my journey in art by taking private lessons in watercolour, ongoing since I was in the second grade. I always had a passion for both the sciences and art but it has been since I graduated high school that I knew art was the path I wanted to follow. I began teaching art lessons in my community after deciding university wasn't the route for me. I was very blessed to have learned from a master in hyperrealistic drawing, and since that seminar I have grown in my drawing abilities and passion. My faith has always been a huge influence in my art- whether I was aware of it or not. Sometimes, I begin a piece that doesn't have an inherent "Christian theme", but when I show my art all together, everything matches a constant theme of faith in everyday life, spirituality and more. I believe we can honour our beliefs by creating art, and I am so thankful to have the ability to do so.


A Sucker's Prayer



Artist Statement

A Sucker's Prayer started as a simple attempt to practise drawing hands. I never imagined for it to grow into a piece that represented so much to me. I chose to draw old hands with a lot of texture, and as I made progress I realized they reminded me of my grandfather, father and uncles. Realism is important to me because as an artist I am called to be honest, and obey what my eyes see. Despite the trial of patience that it requires, I am loyal to realism. It would be dishonest for me not to draw every scar, callous and wrinkle on the hands of a working man as they tell his testimony.

How it fits into contest

This piece fits into the contest topic when we reference Ephesians 6:18-20 regarding prayer. The hands, though weathered and tough, still manage to fold in prayer. It symbolizes a man who has worked all his life and despite his many failures, sins and trials he still comes back to his faith. Whether he is caught in a moment of prayer due to desperation, loneliness, exhaustion or simply not knowing what to do, we don't know. But as fellow Christians, should we care why? Or should we simply rejoice in that fact that a man is seeking the Lord? No matter what the hands have gone through and the times they have not acted as the hands of Christ, there is a redemption and a mercy extended upon them. The name of this piece, "A Sucker's Prayer" is because when a person has hit their rock bottom and feels like a sucker, or loser, there is nothing left to do but fold your hands and cry out to a God that cares. Faith and dependency on God are illustrated through the action of prayer.


All artwork was done by Amy.
Reference photos were a collage of many different photos and real life studies.

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This drawing is available as an original (framed and matted) as well as prints can be arranged for order. To discuss purchasing, please email, or reach out via Instagram at longlivethemuse__.

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Private lessons in drawing and watercolour, commission, and purchase of originals and other prints are available. To discuss other options, please email, or reach out via Instagram at longlivethemuse__.

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