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Boni Arendt


Boni Arendt grew up in eastern North Carolina, studied Art Education, and graduated with a BFA in Painting and Drawing from East Carolina University. She moved to England where she painted portraits and Interdisciplinary Design at Berkshire College of Art and Design. She was fascinated by architecture and design as she traveled to Egypt, Amsterdam, France and Italy.

Back in the United States, Boni opened The Red Rooster Gallery where she began selling art and teaching art lessons. She has since then acquired a Masters in Education. She served as an art teacher at Champion Learning Academy in Morrisville, NC for 3 years where she taught ages 4-17, afterschool, summer camp, and specialty art lessons. Boni currently enjoys oil painting of contemporary figurative themes and landscapes where she utilizes her inspiration from Italian Renaissance Art. She continues to produce murals, portrait commissions, as well as teach painting and drawing in her home studio.

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Boni Arendt, BFA , MS.Ed.

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