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Cat Nip


Catnip is a multidisciplinary artist born in the qathet region. He's spent his career painting murals all over his town (on just about any surface that'll accept paint), putting on collective art shows, building colorful stages for music events and generally stimulating the arts in the area. His work uses playful symbolism to convey a colourful story of our inner workings, and uses archetypal themes with a cartoony whimsy to touch on heavy topics like God and the Journey of self. Often called Pre-Galactic Contemporary, his canvas work is intentionally accessible for people with smaller income, as he believes (from experience with adverse poverty) art is helpful to overcome adversity. The artist known as Catnip intends to open pathways of the tangible for misunderstood artists that exist all over, and create opportunity methods that weren't there before, with the main theme of Gratitude.

Catnip is a one man team, working with God to bring colour onto the planet, and direct us all towards our Kingdom of Heaven.

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