Catarina Calderón


Catarina Calderón


Hi EA team:) My name is Catarina Calderón and I am a 25 year old warrior of Christ. I was born in El Salvador however, I am also half Venezuelan. After living five years in Canada due to my studies, now I am back to living in my tiny but beautiful tropical paradise in Central America; El Salvador, which in Spanish it actually means The Savior. This is one of many blessings that make me feel proud to come from this country and therefore, be able to participate in this amazing platform which gives creative minds and hearts like mine, the opportunity to showcase different types of art with the Scripture as its foundation.

One of my biggest blessings in life is to have been raised in a Christian home. Nevertheless, it was my only and older sister, who since I was little taught me about our almighty and loving Father. Therefore, I had the chance to grow up knowing God and build a relationship with him within time.
Some facts about me: I love adventures because I have an hyperactive, edgy, and free-spirited mom. Sports have always been a part of my life since I have a super sporty dad. I was a high performance athlete in Tennis and Squash until I was 18, and this gave me the opportunity to represent my country in various occassions. I love dogs with all my heart and some of my hobbies are cooking, designing, sleeping, dancing and painting.

Last but not least, I decided to study Communications and International Relations in Vancouver, Canada in order to use the poweful tool of communicating in any way to impact peoples' lives, to influence people through love, empathy, solidarity, tolerance, and service. With all my heart I believe that these are some of the greatest gifts God has given to humanity, and we as humans have the responsibility to spread, teach and be an example of these virtues with/through our lives.

Fernando Vega: Hello everyone:) My name is Fernando Vega and I am 24 years old. I come from El Salvador, a very little yet amazingly beautiful country in Central America. I am currently studying Communications and at the same time I am preparing myself through different courses alongside to become a motion grapher and film director. I love photography; it is in my DNA. Everything that has to do with producing, editing and using a camera is something I absolutely love. My mind and soul are married to creativity and for me is such an important and amazing opportunity to be able to participate in this contest, in which I can express myself through my passion and inspired my work through the Scripture at the same time. I’ve been blessed to have been raised in a Christian family however, I have never had the chance to make artwork from a Christian point of view.

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-WhatsApp: +503 78832130

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