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Chloe Touma


Member 1: My name is Chloe Touma a.k.a. Monarkey. I am 25 years old and live in the region of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am a music producer, and the founder and owner of Musiqmatch's Canadian record label whose mission is to promote cultural exchange and diversity, and work on creating meaningful and engaged projects that spread love, acceptance and peace. I started my career as a child performer and featured in a Christmas music album. I got to sing with local artists and even share the stage with Céline Dion. I was given many opportunities to sing in telethons and work with professionals. As I grew older, I felt a calling for music composing and producing, and participated in several projects and productions where I was finally able to create unique sound and music for specific footage, campaigns and singers. Wanting to help emerging artists of all backgrounds and showcase more diversity in our industry, I founded MusiqMatch in 2018, and seeked talents of different styles, cultures, and countries, and collaborated with them to create new music. Wanting to help them with resources they did not have access to, I gathered all the necessary means to record, mix and launch their music, film music videos and givethem a voice and a place to share their music with the world.

Member 2: Sri Lankan Hip Hop sensation and TV host Yashan De Silva is known for his good deeds and volunteering work for those in need. He is an ambassador of Christ and inspires Christian communities worlwide.

Member 3: Kenya De Silva, also ambassador of Christ, is also Yashan's wife and a vocalist. The song "Love Is In The Air," which is the song we created the present music video for, is her debut single.

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