Christine Armfield


Christine Armfield


My name is Christine, I am a mixed media artist.
Ever since I was a little girl I've been fascinated by all kinds of art. I used to take horseback riding lessons and my babysitter at that time, who was an incredibly gift artist, started teaching me how to sketch horses...this is where my 2 worlds collided into one passion leading me into the world of art where imaginations ran wild like horses. My curiosity was captured by the various ways in which art communicates through the artist to others.
I've had a growing curiosity in learning how to create all different kinds of art I take as many lessons as I am privileged to from taking as many art classes in high school that I could, to private lessons, photography, to sculpture, pottery, graphic design, to interior design classes, etc. This is where my love for mixed-media has been fed.
In 2012 I became a freelance artist, commissioned to do acrylic painting for local businesses and private collectors. In 2017 I rented a small studio in the art district of is there that I began creating one of a kind pieces that I feel are divinely inspired from listening in the still quiet places and being led intuitively through out the process. These are pieces I call "Art that tells a Story." Out of pain I forged pieces that "created what I wish existed." Through a time where I felt like I had lost my voice, my hope was that I could express the beauty I found in silence, that my art would speak what my heart could feel. My first piece of this kind was "grace." then "be kind."... "Presence." and "Sacred." These are signature pieces to what define me as an artist. How I want to create with intuition, humility, honesty, persistence, integrity of heart, truth, grace, alignment with my Creator, kindness, Light, honor, love, passion, joy, & peace...with the intensity, passion and pain of a true story and yet the gentleness of the Higher Reality above it all, the completely "other than" way that can be found in life, though narrow as it may be, the story in my art is about being called to "seek and find." That we can find a reality higher that heals us and speaks a hope into this world that is far greater than we ever think to ask, dream, or imagine. Art that tells a story of secret treasures hidden in the darkness and beauty out of ashes.

I am humbled and over joyed to currently be able to be a full time artist, doing what I love, creating art with my spouse out of our home from our small business. It's incredible to have the opportunity to live into our passion as we create fine art, participate in speaking & teaching engagements, brand companies, and curate art in professional spaces. I am so very fortunate to live a legacy I want to pass to our children. I want my voice to echo "Live in love - Do what you love and love what you do, for in love we find the fulfillment of all things."

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