Christine Browne


Christine Browne


Christine Browne was born on the 23rd February 1992 in the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean where she attended the St.Mary’s Roman Catholic primary school. At the age of ten she moved to London, England where she continued her primary years and attended her first secondary school year at the Our Lady’s Convent Secondary School in Stamford Hill, London.
After three years in England, she returned to St. Vincent to complete her Secondary level education at the St.Joseph’s Convent Kingstown secondary school. It is there where she cemented her love for art and found a yearning to continue studying the craft for possible future professions.
In 2011 she went on to pursue an Art degree at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad campus where she graduated from the Visual Arts Special course in October 2014. On returning home to St. Vincent she held her own Art exhibition entitled “See,” which displayed various pieces from her College and University collection.
After teaching Visual Arts at a private school for four years she decided to really begin focusing on her art as a business and is currently Self-employed at cmdbART.
In her artwork she enjoys delving into the stylistic realms of Fantasy and Surrealism. Her art primarily focuses on Biblical teachings and the spiritual and emotional growth of people in the real world, juxtapositioned into a fantastical setting. When it comes to mediums, she enjoys exploring the ways that drawing movements with pastels and pencils and painting them with acrylics can help shape the colours found in life, emotions and the journey of the soul.

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