Christopher Johnson


Christopher Johnson


Christopher Johnson, Class of 2020, born in Rochester, NY, is graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Musical Theater Program at North East School of the Arts (NESA), in San Antonio, TX. His love for acting began in 3rd grade and has only blossomed with each role, such as MLK Jr., Simba, and The Tin Man.

His passion for dramatic roles grew as he graced different stages in his hometown, performing powerful poetry pieces by Daniel Beaty. He has been recognized for his talents with Gold Awards in the Regional ACT-SO Dramatics category, RocStars Talent Show and a Best Actor nomination in the Las Casas Foundation Joci Awards.

Chris started writing imaginative fiction stories in elementary school, before transitioning to poetry pieces that delved into teen struggles and racism. Recently, he added script writing to his resume. Chris was a finalist in the San Antonio Book Festival Fiction Contest for his essay, The Riverwalk, he also took home the Gold award in the Regional Act-So Playwriting category, and had the unique experience of performing his first script in a continuous loop, as different audiences entered the room.

He is currently working on the launch of his own brand- "The Poetic Actor" t-shirts and mugs. With the support of his family, he looks forward to continuing his education at the illustrious Howard University to major in acting to pursue his dreams of being a known stage and/or film actor.

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Via phone 210-210-535-4462

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