Deon White


Deon White


Hello, men and women of God! I have identified a problem trying to find a product on the market that allows readers to memorize biblical text.

I had this experience during college outside my dorm room while attending a bible study session.

There’s good news! I have the perfect solution and patent pending/copyrighted products for you today.

I have the intellectual property protection of the original shape and surface ornamentation of the spiritual based scripture novelties that has a unique design with raised relief text.

I am the Scripture Craftsman! I am a home-based business owner, freelance novelty artist, 3-D printing specialist and silicone mold maker of both edible and non-edible scripture arrangements.

I have developed a unique product that allows you to instill Gods holy word in your mind, body and spirit.

My mission is to teach the art of life through Christian employment, education and ministry.

Scripture Craftsman LLC is in the business of saving souls.

Deon White

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