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Emelly Velasco, is a writer, poet and Mexican painter with Central American roots, since 2009 she began her activities in the design and layout of graphic work, it was until 2014 when she decided to dabble in her abstract and surrealist work through expressionism taking advantage of the chromatic use. diverse basing her speech on the principle of polarity, freedom, feminine, which she knows a lot in her own mind and soul, a disciple of Painters as Carlos Vega, Tirsso Castañeda, Marco Velázquez and Eduardo Picaso, seasonally, she chooses her fellow artists to spend hours, weeks or months with them in their studios; sharing techniques, thoughts, and has been advised by artists and art curators to polish her life work. She believes in fertility, overflowing passion, and love as the most powerful source of creative energy. She has been a full professor in subjects such as advanced illustration, contemporary art, art history, sign, symbol and corporate identity, at various universities in the Mexican Republic. As writer she has EMPRENDEARTE Book publish in 2018. Also together with various artists, she collaborates in the RECTANGULAR art studio as a guest artist at “Open Art Studio Nights” and among others events painting in life sessions. The artist makes most of her works based on feminine aesthetics, worldview and recognition of the astral, as well as highlighting elements of power with the hierarchy of royalty, her Mayan and Aztec influence it can be notest by the folklore she represents in her palets with experimental techniques including Oil, Acrylic and gold leaf, among others. Her work has been presented in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America, CDMX, Veracruz and Puebla in Mexico and California, Milán; Italy and California, United States.

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Emelly Velasco

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