Jorge Rivera Cardona


Jorge Rivera Cardona


BFA From the School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico, Studies in the sociology field, from University of Puerto Rico and A MFA in Museum Studies from The Caribbean University. Mr. Rivera has been working since 1998 till present in a variety of formats. In his work, He assumes the role not just of an artist but more so as a socio=anthropologist of contemporary culture and the daily life. From painting to public intervention as well as sound art and his favorite of all site specific installations.He studies the anthropological present and possible outcomes of the events that could follow from a socially infused perspective of Art, Philosophy, Music, pseudo-activism and more. With the interest in structures of functioning systems and ways to manipulate them so that it can work in favor of the people in one way or another. A Iraqi veteran puts him in a very specific position with a very interesting take on things and how they work.

“From inside the belly of the beast there is nothing to fear for it is no more than mere blood and guts”.-Gonzalo Ikenehk

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@jorgeriveracardona (Instagram)

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