Josslyn Hagen


Josslyn Hagen


I am Josslyn Hagen, a young artist from the city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada. I am currently in my third year at Sheridan College studying to become an illustrator, and love to create fun and quirky characters. My goal in life is to bring joy to others and brighten their hearts through my artworks.

My love of the natural world, mixed with fantasy, science fiction, and adventure drives my artistic abilities. Narrative is my passion for expressing my feelings of how I interact with the world. I have recently recognized that being a Highly Sensitive Person has brought me closer to creating artwork that brings enjoyment to others and myself, as joy is a prominent fruit I wish to achieve everyday.

I hope that God will inspire others through my work and bring positivity to their life, especially during times of sadness.

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Instagram: @josslyn.hagen

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