Kele Volpino


Kele began her creative exploration in the early years of her childhood. Based in the U.S., she works mainly by commission, exhibiting nationally and internationally in private, solo and group exhibitions. She works in various genres and mediums preferring clay, limestone, steel and bronze in her sculptural work. Her painting preferences are oil paint and pastels for her figurative and portraiture work, most of which she mixes herself. She works in oils, acrylics, pigments and a host of mixed media materials enthusiastically embracing a good challenge which suits her vast range of versatility in the disciplines, mediums and styles in which she continues to emerge within. Her latest include NFT's. She has a deep love of metaphoric narratives that catch the audience off guard in their quest for delving into and piecing together all that envelops us. She seeks to be always reacting to her calling in hope the needs of each viewer are recognized on a level that speaks to each of them individually and lifts them up. She travels extensively and works to raise awareness in the importance of faith, belief and in knowing our Creator, the one who guides her and has also brought her to stand for causes she supports passionately such as famine, poverty, children, animals, and bullying as she too was bullied for most of her youth into her teens and offers her skills as a guest speaker, one on one and in art therapy to help children and teens. She promotes arts education, supports disaster relief and environmental issues. A mind without walls is required to resist stagnation henceforth imploring the constant rejuvenation of the source wherein ones’ creativity flows. Creative innovation is imperative to thrive in the world and only the arts have such an ability to inform and engage viewers in critical issues of our time and most importantly, to be the lighthouse from which truth can be seen. There is no other medium that has such power.

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