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Kia K.Jules Also known Creatively as 'Kia Rymz' is a female Christian Recording Artist and Spoken Word Lyricist from the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Kia began her journey in the arts at a very young age but officially launched her career as a music artist and spoken word lyricist in the year 2016 with the release of her debut Spoken Word and Hip-hop fusion E.P album Entitled “Victorious”.

Kia has release a number of projects since, including her original Christian Pop singles entitled 'Feelings, Circles, Motions and Arise', just to name a few. Kia has also written and performed numerous spoken word pieces in her country and has traveled for ministry in some other Caribbean countries as well as the U.S.A where her ministry continues to exceed the expectations of her audience and is always very well received by all those who experience her Live and Direct. Currently, Kia has many new projects on the horizon and vows to continue to allow God to use her mightily in each one, as she seeks to continually inspire and impact her generation with her lifestyle and ultimately to win souls through her Art.

Meriaha St. Louis is a Christian male certified producer and musician from the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. Meriaha has performed numerous Musical compositions for many well known music artists in Saint Lucia and abroad, and is well distinguished in the field of music. Meriaha continues to assist others in making great musical compositions for both local and international artists behind the scenes, as he continues on his journey in enhancing Gods kingdom by using his musical gifts to help others.

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Kia Jules

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