Lena Fernandez


Lena Fernandez


Lena Fernandez was born in Belize. But, she grew up in the United States from the age of 2. She is now residing in her native country since 2001. In addition, she teaches full-time at Georgetown Technical High School to students at the Freshman and Sophomore levels. While in Belize, she has done some cultural paintings depicting the Garifuna people's customs and practices. In relation to this, she really loves doing art. However, with a busy work schedule, it is difficult to spend as much time on art projects as she wishes. Moreover, her dream is to strive farther and get deeper into her passion, which is art. She has always had a talent for art from the time she was a child. Her career and appreciation for art began in elementary school. Teachers would always comment about her artistic ability on report cards. Moreover, at the age of 12, her artworks were displayed at the Balboa Museum for several weeks. She was also given awards for her contributions to her elementary school in which she was often chosen to do art projects such as a large mural painting (along with other selected students) and drawings of Martin Luther King to celebrate his life and honor his achievements. Her artwork would always be displayed in a showcase in the Hall Monitor's office. Basically, throughout the years, she has done paintings (as mentioned above) that were sold to tourists, business owners and local citizens.

Best Contact Method

People can contact me through LinkedIn, which I use sometimes to check on perspective clients who are interested in hiring me to conduct work services. However, the best way to contact me is through Messenger. People can send a message in my inbox. If you can't reach me by either means, it will never FAIL to reach me by email: lfernandez330@gmail.com.

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