Lenax Rhaburn


Lenax Rhaburn


Lenax Kalin Rhaburn is a 28 year-old native of the village of Carmelita, Belize, in Central America. Lenax completed Second Form in school, then began working, in order to help his family of 13 financially. He performs manual labor at the saw mill by day, and pursues his passion of drawing beneath kerosene lamps at night. He is a self-taught artist, creating intricate pencil sketches from his mind’s eye, as well as photographs, and commission requests. Life experiences and biblical stories are his inspiration. Lenax enjoys developing his craft, and it is his dream for his artwork to make it out of Belize and be exhibited around the world.

Best Contact Method

phone or WhatsApp (+501)621-4102
IG: @lenaxrhaburn

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